modified: April 16, 2006

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The Merengue is a Latin dance.
The dance is simply a walking  in place motion, except toe heel, (also called ball flat).
A step is taken on each beat of music.
Incorporating Latin hip movement makes the dance more dramatic.

Latin frame, double hand hold, single hand hold and no hand hold may all be used.




Amt. of turn (lady)



Man starts with left foot and changes weight on each beat of music.

turn may be used


Arm Circles

As couple comes together,
palms join and go up and out.
Then back to double hand hold as move apart.




Double hand hold:
Man takes ladies hands behind head (as if combing his hair back with their hands)
Lady then pushes off manís chest back to double hand hold.



Underarm Turn

Man releases right hand and
raises left hand above the ladyís eyes.
Lady does complete turn (natural) to right.

1/8 on each step


Side Steps

Instead of dancing in place,
Take a small step to side with each step.



Side Step variation

Lead the lady one way and go the other way.
As you separate, trail hands along arms.
Come back together.



Armlock Turn

Double hand hold.
Man leads lady into underarm turn
but doesnít let go of right hand.
(joined hand will be behind ladyís back)

1/8 on each step


Back to back

Cross back to back to armlock on other side.



Other figures

Practically any figure you know from the other Latin dances, Jive, cha cha cha, can be used in the Merengue.