Make a Badge for Policeman Sheriff Fireman

September 28, 2014

badge-pieces-DSCN1350-2014-Sep-18Making a Badge is pretty easy, about half an hour, depending on how detailed you make it, how crafty you are, how much help you get from your Sheriff. These are the materials we used:

  • Poster board, or cardboard
  • Paper or construction paper
  • Tape: masking, scotch tape or packing tape; clear is better
  • Markers, crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Safety Pin-optional
  • Safety First: consider your child’s age and capabilities when selecting materials!
  • Badge-outline-1Badge-outline-2Badge-outline-3


  • Choose shape
  • Trace or draw shape onto poster board
  • Cut two pieces of design (if desired for durability)
    we cut another design in contrasting color for accents
  • Decorate the front piece as desired: name, emblems, colors, title
  • Tape or glue the two pieces together
  • Fold clear tape over badge and trim edges.
  • Attach to clothing with safety pin or masking tape or attach a thin washer to the back of your badges and use a strong small magnet to “pin” them to clothes and costumes

Get carried away. Make badges for everything. Maybe have a collection of badges and choose the appropriate one for the day or moment. Let’s see:

Hero, Doctor, Repairman, Lawyer, Pet Psychologist, Chief Food Tester.

You get the idea. Keep it positive. Make it fun!

You get a badge for “Best Mom”!