Castle Court or Forest Floor

September 1, 2014

Robin Hood and Maid Marion or forest fairies is a favorite make believe game outdoors or indoors. A few years ago Marion may have been delegated to captive of the Sheriff or house keeper of the hideout. Today she’s likely to be the hero or leader of the clan; think Katniss in the Hunger Games, expert archer.

Create a spot in your backyard forest or a little atmosphere with some plants for your princess or young Robin Hood tNicholas-on-G-BD-1991-Septo stage their magical and daring adventures. They may change characters as often as their minds; merry men and Maid Marion one minute, forest fairies or prince and princess the next. Consequently many different costumes or props will be great as the theme changes.

Skills, learning, and benefits: drama, creative, role play, kinesthetic which means sense of body position and muscle movement.

The costumes: A dress and tiara for the lady in waiting. A tunic and simple belt for the village commoner.

Boys will love anything out of green velvet. Think Peter Pan: a green hat DIRECTIONS COMING. A simple poncho or vest DIRECTIONS COMING or even a strip of green that can be used as a sash or belt. Another look is a belt over one of dad’s old shirts. A t-shirt will be a tunic. An old dress shirt will be more formal. Make the pointed hat out of paper. (go here for video: hat and feather) Wands and swords and bows and arrows optional.

girl-gypsy-4803647159_cc68612667_zThe Stage: Let’s get our kids outdoors. They are going to find places to play and set up camp. It’s probably a good idea to help them pick a spot by at least offering a few suggestions. That way they won’t end up using your prize roses for their main entrance. This is a good time to look for ant hills that might need discouraged. Also a good time to educate your kids about poisonous plants like poison oak or poison ivy. Obviously you will want to remove all that you find.

Designate some “outdoor” blankets and toys and a place where they can be kept. Toys might include cookware and other hideout tools.

Indoors: Are you willing to loan your plants or let them create their own trees with paper towel rolls and tissue paper? A turned over laundry basket can be a rock to sit on. A green blanket can cordon off a part of the room to make the secret entrance to the forest hideout.

Medieval / renaissance will be the time period, whether they know it or not as your kids play in their castles and forests.