Nicholas-the-pirate-on-BD-1991Making a simple eyepatch

September 4, 2014

Complete your pirate costume with this simple eyepatch.


  • Scrap paper to make pattern
  • Black construction paper for eyepatch
  • Elastic thread (buy at any fabric store or use 1/8 in elastic)
  • Reinforcements (to strengthen the holes) OR Scotch tape
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Ruler



Construction: eye-patch-DSCN1318-2014-Sep-41

  • Measure width from middle of bridge of nose to point midway between eye and ear (see diagram).
  • Measure height from eyebrow to point just above tip of nose (see diagram).
  • Draw a rectangle on scrap paper using above measurements.
  • Pencil in shape of patch-narrow at the nose and larger toward the cheek (see diagram).
  • Cut out pattern and try for size. You want the patch to be big enough to sit away from the eye, rather than right on it-this is for safety as well as comfort. Resize if necessary. HINT: save the pattern for future adventures!
  • Cut the shape out of construction paper.
  • Using hole punch, put a hole in each ‘long’ end of the patch-not too close to the edge.
  • Place reinforcements over front and back of both holes.
  • Using the elastic thread, measure around the head from corner of eye around to bridge of nose. The elastic should not be tight, but have enough tension to hold the patch on.
  • Double that measurement and cut a piece of thread.
  • Loop thread through one hole (so it’s double) and bring around to second hole; thread one end through and knot it, taping ends to edge of patch for extra security.eye-patch-DSCN1312-2014-Sep-41
  • And you’re done! Happy pirating, Me Maties!