Make Your Princess A Wand

September 18, 2014

Instructions for Fairy Wandwand-supplies-DSCN1336-2014-Sep-19


  • Wand: a sturdy piece of cardboard, a length of bamboo, or a sturdy twig from the yard will work. Pictured is a chopstick.
  • Shape template for the design. Could be a star, butterfly, a circle, flower shape , etc.
  • Poster board for the shape; an old file folder would work; enough to cut two templates
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Tape: masking tape, scotch tape or packing tape; clear tape is better
  • SAFETY FIRST: Consider your child’s age and capabilities when selecting materials!


Attach the wand to the star. Reinforce with hot glue?

Print or draw shape template

wand-star-and-stick-DSCN1338-2014-Sep-19Trace desired shape onto the poster board and cut 2 pieces.


Two halves of star taped togetherwand-2-halves-DSCN1339-2014-Sep-19

Tape the two pieces back to back with the wand in between. Tape the wand securely to the first half.

Then tape the two stars together.


Wand Covered in Foil

Cover both starts with aluminum foil or decorate as desired.wand-with-streamers-DSCN1344-2014-Sep-19

Tuck ends of ribbon under the template where it meets the wand

Tape over the entire design for durability.


Streamers could be taped to inside with stick in the first step.