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2 Think about it.  Eatin’ and producin’ milk--lots and lots of milk- may not be the most glamorous career. But it’s a  job that offers security in the current economic times.  How many of you can boast security like that?    Ahhhhh... What a life!  Eat Think  Sleep... Why would anyone bother them nice cows?

Cowstein1 What’s all the fuss about tippin’ cows? Animal activists think cows are more than big clumsy and not-so-bright animals. What do cows think about anyway? Are they daydreamin’?  Doin’ math in their heads?  Solvin’ world hunger?  Plannin’ for retirement?

3 Scientists argue it's impossible to sneak up on a cow. One person can’t  physically tip a cow. In fact, cows don’t sleep standing up (maybe they do catch a few winks now and agin). Scientists say cow tippin’ is very dangerous, especially if you can't tell a cow from a bull. These nay-sayers produce research and data and studies supportin’ their position of disbelief.  They advise cow tippin’ is dangerous to your health, your reputation and your pocketbook.

4 Still - mischievous rascals dare to dHowdy! I'm a rascalo the impossible!  They sneak into farmers' fields under cover of darkness intent on tippin’ content and gentle bovine.  Why?  For fun?  To prove they can do it?  Jealousy? Keep them content cows from running amuck?  Maybe cows like to be tipped!  Could be it’s pretty borin’ doing nothin’ but eatin’ and thinkin’! Besides,  the rascals argue, cows aren't hurt when they fall over.

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5 Now, I admit tippin’ a cow isn’t as easy as you might think. Pretty reckless actually.  Farmyards areStick with me! dangerous! You wanna try it anyway? You clever enough?  Fast enough?  Can you avoid the noisy chickens and the guard goats?   You gonna have to be quick-footed. Challenges lurking behind every turn.  Not for the faint-hearted.

Who you gonna be?  Sympathizer?  Scientist?   Rascal? .....

Fences stop goats!
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