Links to Sites with tips and instruction:                   2019-05-11


  • Louis Cayer - Doubles Tennis Tactics:
    Part1, Part2, Part 3
    you could watch this series of three videos 100 times and learn something each time. Look where that cone is that marks “your territory”.  Another way of looking at it is: if you’re at the net and you let a driven ball go bye, if your partner has to take their inside shot - THAT WAS YOUR BALL!!!
  • Volley Preparation: from, 4 minutes
    This is so easy and makes perfect sense. I love the unit turn. This means every shot, volley or groundstroke has a unit turn. The videos have “”. His you tube channel is
  • How to hit a volley: from, 7 minutes
    Tomaz Mencinger is so right on. I love his “Push” don’t punch. All the power, or control comes from pushing the tennis ball - follow through.


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