Practice DOES NOT make Perfect
Perfect practice makes perfect
Practice with Purpose

45% of all shots in competitive tennis are the serve
35% of all shots in competitive tennis are the return of serve
Master these two shots and you will win!

Consistency, Placement, Power

  • Last person to hit the ball in the court wins. It doesn't have to be hard; it has to be in.
  • R.O.S.E.s are like double faults, you gave a point away. Don't give points away.
  • Unforced Errors are entirely within your control (and the bane of consistency)
  • The net is your enemy. Better to hit out than into the net. (Topspin will bring the ball in)
  • No matter how fast or how good your opponent is, they can't be everywhere
  • Use Position Power and Speed to take time away from your opponents
  • Depth (or angle) trumps power

What to work on as a player

  • be a good sport: stay positive and encouraging, keep your other emotions in check
  • Rules: know and understand tennis rules, code and regulations. Help each other learn
  • Focus especially on the serve and return of serve
  • Run for every ball. Even if you “know” you can't get to it – run anyway
  • Squat: maintain and use an athletic position. Being low will help you with topspin
  • Move: be active. Keep your feet moving. If your heels are down, you are not ready
  • Follow through: “Wrap and Roll” for consistency, control and power
  • Topspin: use topspin on your strokes. Topspin will help you hit accurately, deep & hard
  • Practice: different shots: serves, volleys, slices, lobs, drop shots, angles
  • Serve: Learn & Use good technique . Develop & Use a ritual. Have, visualize a target.
        In doubles, get your first serve in 90% of the time

What to work on as a team

  • Connection: the pros do a full connect every point, touch, eye contact, smile
        decide what your team will do EVERY POINT, at least a racquet tap
  • Strategy: have a team game plan. Be prepared to change it
         If your team hits 9 shots in a row with no unforced errors, you will win the game
  • Work the Wall: understand and implement The Wall. Talk about it between points
  • Position: Practice different serve formations: traditional, Australian, I-formation
  • Poach : be aggressive. Go after the ball. Person closest to the net has 1st rights at any ball
  • Have plays: create and try different plays.
  • Watch the opponents: anticipate who will hit and what their shot is
         Resist the temptation to watch your partner hit the ball

modified: September 12, 2016