mental game check list

Drink water - healthy brain and body

DNA - get out of the way

    your body knows how to play tennis not your intellect
    occupy your mind with "observing"  (no criticizing)
    use "bounce - hit" to get back in an observing mode

Look like a winner

    keep your cool
    good posture and body language
    adjust your strings with your head up (between points)

Develop a game plan starting in the warmup

    identify their weakness
    identify your strengths

Implement your game plan

    play to their weaknesses
    use your strengths
    keep to the plan if it's working
    change your plan if it's not working
       move, watch, consistency, placement, power

Play the ball not the person

Positive self talk

    visualize the "cure" not the "problem"

Play 1 point, 1 ball at a time

    each shot is a chance to be on track
    the next shot is more important than the last mistake

Call lines graciously - on your side only or against yourself

    be 100% sure the ball is out
    call or signal "out" clearly and quickly