performance check list

Move  - get to the ball
Watch - make solid contact
Form    - sit, face, chin
                (for automatic top spin)

  consistency   -  aim 4-8’ over the net
  placement     -  aim 2 - 6’ from the lines

Move - get to the right place

    • always be moving (every ball on one bounce
    • ready position / split step when they hit the ball
    • anticipate - watch the ball come off their racquet
    • explode in the right direction
    • tiny adjustment steps (once you get there)

    - be in the right place

    • respect no man’s land, move up or move back
    • center yourself for possible returns

Watch - keep your eyes focused on the ball with a still head

    • see the racquet hit the ball or
             watch the ball disappear
    • look for the ball’s seams or label
            which way is the ball spinning? - really focus


  - Sit:

 - Face:

- Chin:

bend your knees, sink your  bum to  the height of a chair, back straight, head still

hit the ball right on it’s nose (face) with your racquet (face) straight up and down

follow through to your target:

FH side - arm touches your chin and wraps
BH side - arm to the target, above your head