Tennis Warm-up / drills – Have Fun !

Perfect Practice makes perfect.  Practice good technique and “new” shots.

Ask for advice and suggestions from coaches and observers. You’ll improve as your technique improves. You’ll stay the same (progress slowly) if you practice the same.

Ideally do this first set, 1 through 5, with your warm-up partner and time how long it takes.  This will give you quantitative feedback.

Look at your watch for your start time.

  1. Work your way back – starting at the service line get five shots in a row in the service box.  For every 5 shots in a row you both get 1 step back (and can consequently hit slightly deeper) If you miss a shot you go back to the beginning of that set of five. (For example if you miss on the ninth shot then you start with 6) It takes 35 shots to get back to the baseline. Use “bounce hit” to focus and quiet your mind. Develop timing, control, and topspin. Use your full motion even on short shots.
  2. You’re probably warm; have broken a sweat.  Stretch 3-5 minutes and have water. If you haven’t broken a sweat yet, then do the next drill and then stretch and water.
  3. Baseline – hit 20 shots in a row, 10 for each player in the singles court. Start over at 1 if you miss.
    Develop consistency , use topspin (bottom to top), bend your knees, hit up on the ball.
  4. Volley volley overhead – 5 sets each.  One person comes to the net and their partner hits them 2 volleys and a lob. The person at the net calls what’s coming, “volley volley, overhead”. Get all 3 shots back and in and that’s 1 set.   You know what’s coming so work on your movement; close for the volleys, and turn your hips and get back for the lob.
    Develop placement, both players want to hit their shots to the other person.  The idea is to complete this drill with accuracy and consequently quickly.
  5. Lob, Overhead, Save: 10 sets.   Start with a Lob, your partner hits an overhead (try and take it in the air) then the person that hit the lob will try to get the overhead back in play, save it.  Now the person that hit the overhead lobs. One set of lob, overhead, save, all in the court, counts as 1.
    Develop power, get in position and hit a good overhead, develop pace.  If you are “saving” and you have time to set up then take advantage of the situation and hit out.
  6. Serve 10 times each. Use the right grip, (keep moving to a backhand grip) pronation gives you “automatic” power. Use the right motion, a throwing motion with good extension and a complete follow-through; show them your name. (A hammering motion is for hammering)
    Develop a dependable, 2nd, topspin serve. Ball toss, throwing motion, follow through, and serving relaxed are things that you can practice any time anywhere.

Look at your watch…. How long did warm up take you?  As your consistency and placement improve, it will take you less time.  As your power and placement improve in drill #5, it will take you more time (because your partner will be hitting great overheads that you have “trouble” saving.)

Practice: angles, stance; open & closed, slice, offensive lobs, set plays, anticipation, pace, take ball on the rise, half volleys, serve and volley (play 3 shot), different doubles positions; Australian & I, signal poaches.