Welcome to TriSail Enterprises:   

Productivity and development consulting for you and your business:
(This page may not look serious - we are; effective and fun!)

For You: at your pace - in your space

  • Control and understand your computer (or visa versa)
    • Are you
      • being safe emailing, shopping, banking and on social media?
      • using software already on your computer?
      • downloading software that is free and GREAT?
      • managing your photos and digital information
  • Professional fun instructors teach at your pace in your place

Your business:

  • 30+ Years experience helping companies save and make money
    • Understand & grow your business with financial models
    • Motivate your staff behind your company's vision
  • Successes include:
    • Gas plant model: saved $1,000,000, cost of depropanizer by showing we could add additional input without adding equipment
    • Modeled 5,000 well, $500,000 / day gas field to influence mandated proration
    • established 12 month backlog by increasing sales team effectiveness
    • took struggling small business from $500 to $7,000 / month and left them with exponential growth

Big or small, your business can improve; we can help you impact

  • your customers’ enthusiasm and loyalty
  • your workers’ effectiveness; where's their discretionary time allocated?
  • your business profitability; knowledge, intention, vision, quantified intangibles

Imagination and Play

Encouraging Original Thought Through Play
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