Some of our Favorite Strings

MSV Focus Hex 1.1 18L red

MSV Focus Hex 18L (1.1mm) Red or Black

We use this textured string for 80% of all rackets. Most people do not break string so the general recommendation then is to use as thin as possible 18L is really 19 guage; about as thin as it gets.  If you do break strings, consider a thicker guage. We buy ours at Guts and Glory.

Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 18


This soft string, some say “syn gut” is great for playing around with tensions and hybrid stringing.Very reasonably priced in all popular guages.

Tourna Big Hitter Rough Blue .17

TOURNA Big Hitter Blue Rough

Another textured sting. More stiff than MSV and you can definitely see the twist. The twist keeps the strings anchored to one another so this is a great choice for people that do not like their strings to move even at lower tensions. This string is more durable than MSV. 17 is as thin as Big Hitter comes

Topspin CYBER FLASH 17

Topspin CYBER FLASH 17

This string is like wire. It has virtually no stretch. As I understand it, it is similar to Big Banger. This string is very durable and comes in other colors? and guages.

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