modified: March 28, 2006




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Raise LH as lead to invite lady under, RH behind back


triple forward

Lady takes mans RH in her left as she goes forward


triple side

back to back, both to their own left. Don’t let go. Little steps.
Lady raises  her own LH (and man’s RH) onto her L shoulder)



Man winds lady.
Man takes Lady’s LH over her head
and then (his RH with her left hand) to the ladies right shoulder
as they 1/4 turn to face each other.
(Her left arm will be across her chest)



Lady unwinds Man: takes her LH over his Left shoulder and head. Man does complete turn to face lady.



Man unwinds lady. Man takes RH over lady’s left shoulder and head. Lady does 3/4 reverse turn.

Back Replace


You’ll be facing each other the opposite direction from where you started and your hands will be “right”.